Our long history of PSM consulting and training in the chemical/processing sector, which includes hundreds of PSM audits, is the basis for our robust auditing programs.

AcuTech Audit Services Brochure

AcuTech offers complete PSM and RMP audit strategies, services, and assistance including:

  • Leading PSM audits of facilities:
  • AcuTech’s experts have collectively performed hundreds of PSM audits, we can fully staff PSM audits for our clients and provide the necessary planning, onsite, and reporting services needed for a complete audit.

  • Development of PSM audit protocols:
  • AcuTech uses PSM compliance audit protocols published by OSHA and the EPA for the PSM Standard and RMP Rule, as well as the protocols for those states and countries with respective PSM regulations, such as California (CalARP and CalOSHA PSM), New Jersey (TCPA), Delaware (DE EHS), or China (SAWS). However, we also add significant guidance to these protocols, allowing our auditors to interpret the general, performance-based requirements of the regulations and successfully audit them. In addition, we develop and maintain “Continuous System Improvement” (CSI) criteria, a broader list of PSM audit criteria that can be used if a client wishes to evaluate their PSM program on a deeper basis; beyond the basic compliance requirements. Iterations of AcuTech’s protocols have also been published in CCPS’ publications on auditing. AcuTech has successfully developed and applied audit protocols for special purposes, such as evaluating safety culture reviewing site and corporate audit policies, and establishing corporate audit benchmarks.

  • Leading and participating in PSM audit teams alongside our client’s personnel: 
  • AcuTech’s staff routinely lead audit teams of our client’s personnel or serve as members of audit teams led by others. Our activities range from performing audits of particular elements and submitting our results and findings, to performing comprehensive audits and compiling the results of multi-company teams into coherent reports. We use both our own audit protocols, the protocols of the respective client, or a combination of both.

  • Performing gap analyses or other evaluations of PSM programs:
  •  Clients sometimes desire that their PSM program be evaluated in the context of a gap analysis, as formal audits often have strict and legal definitions within their company and require the use of pre-determined protocols and personnel. These PSM gap analyses, or alternatively defined evaluations are approached in a similar manner to a formal audit, although the selection of audit criteria, as well as the reporting requirements, are often more flexible.

  • Performing occupational safety program audits: 
  • Our staff are experts in performing audits of general/occupational safety and health programs, and maintain explicit protocols and software tools to support auditing projects. We also conduct the necessary audits that are requisite to achieve Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) certification as several of our auditors served as Special Government Employees during VPP inspections.

  • Training:
  • AcuTech provides training to personnel for the planning, execution, and reporting of PSM audits. This training is part of the full suite of PSM related training offered by AcuTech, including Best Practices in PSM, Process Hazard Analysis for Team Leaders, Mechanical Integrity, Risk Management Programs and more. This training is hosted for individual companies or sites, or an open enrollment basis as part of the AcuTech Training Institute (ATI).

Our process safety management (PSM) auditing work builds on our long history of PSM consulting and training in the chemical/processing sector worldwide, and includes hundreds of PSM audits performed by our experienced staff members. We also extended this key capability to occupational safety auditing as well as the necessary audits that are requisite to become part of OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP).

AcuTech possesses comprehensive knowledge of the chemical, petrochemical, and refining industries based on our decades of service in the industry, and works closely with private industry, trade organizations and government agencies involved with process safety management. We teach numerous classes on PSM auditing each year, both on behalf of individual companies and the AcuTech Training Institute, and have delivered training seminars on PSM to OSHA compliance officers at the OSHA Training Institute.

AcuTech authors various industry publications and standards, and was the contractor selected to write the revision of the Center for Chemical Process Safety’s Guidelines for Auditing Process Safety Management Systems, 2nd Ed, which follows the CCPS Guidelines for Risk Based Process Safety, and contains guidance for auditing voluntary consensus programs in process safety, such as Safety and Environmental Management Programs (SEMP), the ACC’s RCMS program, RC-14001, and others.

AcuTech was nominated by BP, and approved by OSHA in the wake of the Texas City refinery incident, to serve as the “PSM Expert” to conduct a comprehensive PSM audit at the Texas City Refinery and perform various other activities to review and evaluate the robustness of PSM related programs and management systems at the Texas City Refinery in accordance with the Settlement Agreement between OSHA and BP.

AcuTech offers strong project management skills and a personalized, responsive style of working closely with our clients. We emphasize on-time, cost effective performance, and our personnel are experienced in achieving these goals.

Project-Specific Audit Protocols

We developed audit protocols for a specific use, like safety culture, projects to review site and corporate audit policies, procedures as well as protocols to establish corporate audit benchmarks.

Above All Else, Experienced

AcuTech has extensive experience in auditing facilities for improving their process safety programs. We do so as independent third party assessors, or along with a client audit team, performing the audit and compiling the results into a final report. In those cases, we used a range of audit protocols, from ours to our clients, or a combination of the two. For clients looking to evaluate their PSM program and benchmark best practices in industry AcuTech performs a gap analysis using our proprietary ranking process, giving a maturity scale ranking against specific audit criteria and providing valuable recommendations.

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