CFATS & MTSA Support

CFATS & MTSA Support

AcuTech provides CFATS & MTSA support, conducts thorough security risk assessments, offers analyses of proposed countermeasures, and aids in drafting site security plans.

The Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) and the Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) play pivotal roles in safeguarding national security and protecting critical infrastructure. CFATS focuses on high-risk chemical facilities, identifying and regulating them to minimize potential terrorist threats. Meanwhile, MTSA addresses security in the maritime sector, securing ports, vessels, and facilities crucial for global trade. Organizations subject to CFATS and MTSA are deemed critical infrastructure integral to the country’s functioning. Safeguarding these facilities ensures operational continuity, preventing disruptions to the economy and bolstering public safety.  

We remain at the forefront of industrial process safety and security, providing organizations with up-to-date insights on regulatory changes that may impact their operations. AcuTech provides CFATS and MTSA support, assisting companies in navigating the compliance process effectively.

Our security consultants offer critical support with a comprehensive understanding of the CFATS cycle. AcuTech services cover planning, top screening, security vulnerability assessment, and site security plan management. We assist companies in evaluating, creating, and sustaining facility site security plans, ensuring continuous compliance with evolving regulations.  

The Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) mandates stringent security measures for port and waterway safety. AcuTech, with its adept team, conducts thorough security risk assessments, offers cost-benefit analyses of proposed countermeasures, and aids in drafting site security plans. We streamline Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) requirements into existing security plans, ensuring compliance without compromising operational efficiency.   

For port facilities that must meet International Port and Port Facility Security (ISPS) requirements, AcuTech can provide specialized services to ensure the organization is in compliance with the Standard. 

Take the first step toward a more secure future – contact AcuTech today to inquire about our specialized consulting services tailored to your unique needs in CFATS, MTSA and ISPS support and compliance. 

  • CFATS training 
  • Security risks assessments 
  • Security planning
  • TWIC compliance
  • ISPS compliance 
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