LNG Safety & Security

LNG Safety & Security

The safe and secure operation of LNG facilities is a cornerstone in maintaining public trust in the industry.

The LNG industry operates within a framework of rigorous safety and security regulations enforced by government agencies and regulatory bodies. Compliance with these regulations isn’t solely a legal obligation but also serves as a fundamental pillar in upholding public trust and confidence in the industry’s operations.

LNG facilities are often strategically located near residential areas or vital infrastructure, emphasizing the need for robust safety and security measures to mitigate potential risks. Furthermore, given their proximity to water bodies or populated regions, any incidents within these facilities can result in significant environmental ramifications. Therefore, implementing and adhering to stringent process safety and security measures is imperative to prevent such incidents and minimize adverse environmental impacts.

AcuTech has decades of experience and a proven track record of providing comprehensive solutions for safe and secure LNG risk management. Our consultants have played pivotal roles in shaping assessment methodologies and industry standards, positioning us as pioneers in the field. They have maintained currency by forging invaluable relationships, notably with the U.S. Coast Guard. All these efforts have been in support of providing the best service possible to our clients in managing the risks associated with operating safe and secure LNG facilities.

  • Independent Risk Assessments (IRA) for LNG Deepwater Ports (DWP) 
  • Waterway Suitability Assessments (WSA) 
  • Security Vulnerability Assessments 
  • Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) Support 
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) 
  • FERC Filing Support 
  • Emergency Response Planning 
  • Management System Development 
  • Security Planning 
  • FERC LNG Terminal Siting 
  • Environmental Impact Statement
  • IS Support 
  • Process HAZOP and SIL Determinations 
  • Facility Siting Studies 
  • LNG Carrier Transit Logistics Studies 
  • LNG Carrier Simulation 
White Paper
Assessing LNG Security Risks: Qualitative v. Quantitative Approaches

This paper describes the difficulties in applying traditional QRA to intentional acts, and how security risks are being estimated by the LNG industry and other industries globally.

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