Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity

Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity

By approaching operations as an integrated system, we safeguard your business-critical information and Operational Technology / Industrial Control Systems (OT/ICS) from cyber threats.

By approaching operations as an integrated system, AcuTech safeguards your business-critical information, operational technology, and industrial control systems from cyber threats. Our consultants conduct holistic evaluations, reviewing system designs and functionalities, identifying vulnerabilities and risks, and recommending robust mitigations and countermeasures. We assist companies in navigating evolving regulatory landscapes, meeting compliance requirements, and adopting best practices. Our seasoned consultants bring expertise in Operational Technology/Industrial Control Systems (OT/ICS) cybersecurity, offering strategic security planning, cost/benefit analyses, and tailored security measures.   

AcuTech’s capabilities extend across a spectrum of services designed to meet the unique cybersecurity needs of industrial enterprises, ensuring the resilience of your organizational security.  

AcuTech conducts a thorough assessment of industrial cybersecurity systems and associated information technology systems, pinpointing vulnerabilities and recommending countermeasures to empower our partners in the face of evolving cyber threats and expanding regulatory demands. Our consultants excel in providing comprehensive cost-benefit analyses, strategically emphasizing security measures that offer optimal utility. Well-versed in industry best practices, we consistently guide organizations toward meeting and exceeding established benchmarks. Through AcuTech’s dedicated team, companies gain access to in-depth Cyber-Security Risk Assessments (C-SRA). We scrutinize all aspects, from overarching cyber policies to practices, procedures, and platforms, rectifying potential vulnerabilities. Our expertise extends to the latest cybersecurity standards, including ISO 27001/27002, NIST 800 series, NERC CIP/FERC, and ISA/IEC-62443 (formerly ISA-99). 

Our services include Cybersecurity Risk Analyses, OT/ICS Cyber Vulnerability Assessments, Operational Technology/Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity Program Development, Cybersecurity Program Audits, identification of vital data, systems, and resources for post-cyber event recovery, and business continuity and disaster recovery planning. Additionally, we provide sector-specific services including MTSA vulnerability assessment & plan support, maritime cybersecurity drills & exercises, and hydrogen value chain cybersecurity. Partner with AcuTech to navigate the evolving landscape of industrial cybersecurity threats and secure the continuity of your critical operations. 

  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment (also referred to as a Cyber Process Hazard Analysis (Cyber PHA) or Cyber Hazard and Operability Analysis (Cyber HAZOP) 
  • OT/ICS Cyber Vulnerability Assessments 
  • Cybersecurity Program Development 
  • Cybersecurity Program Audits 
  • Identification of vital data, systems, and resources required to recover operations after a cyber event 
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery 
  • MTSA vulnerability assessment & plan support 
  • Maritime cybersecurity drills & exercises 
  • Hydrogen value chain cybersecurity 
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