Consequence Modeling

Consequence Modeling

Consequence modeling provides a solid understanding of the potential impacts of a loss of containment and improves ability to control hazards better than basic estimation.

A pivotal tool for organizations and facilities, consequence modeling offers critical information for effective risk management, emergency planning, and compliance. It aids in conducting process hazard analyses (PHAs), evaluating incidents, and assessing vent system designs. Moreover, it contributes to facility siting studies and quantitative risk assessments (QRAs).

By simulating the potential outcomes of diverse scenarios, we empower organizations to prioritize and address risks with precision. Our comprehensive consequence modeling services provide confidence in managing process hazards effectively.

The team has decades of experience in the assessment of flammable vapor dispersion, toxic vapor dispersion, jet fires, pool fires, vapor cloud explosions, BLEVEs, pressure vessel bursts, dust explosions, and other hazards. Our expertise seamlessly integrates with our suite of services such as quantitative risk assessment (QRA), facility siting, and fire protection. 

AcuTech has leading experts that leverage the latest consequence modeling tools available. We are experienced in the full range of modeling tools, including: Phast, FLACS, and EFFECTS. We provide a comprehensive understanding of the risks associated with industrial processes and the optimal placement of facilities. Our tailored consequence modeling services address the specific needs and challenges faced by companies in various industries. They provide organizations with critical information for effective decision-making. With internationally recognized competence, AcuTech navigates the interconnected elements of process safety to fortify your organization against potential hazards. 

  • Fire, Blast/Explosion, and Toxic Hazard Modeling 
  • Hazard identification studies (HAZID) 
  • Development of accidental release scenarios 
  • Use of a range of models for every application, from simple screening to complex analysis
  • Foundational understanding of the hazard models and physical phenomena
  • Support from experts with decades of experience managing risks in operating facilities
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