Fire Protection

Fire Protection

Effective fire protection addresses both the prevention and mitigation of fires within facilities through fuel load analysis, consequence modeling, and suppression and mitigation analysis.

Effective fire protection programs are essential to decreasing the likelihood of releases and preventing loss of life, property damage, environmental impact, and plant downtime. Implementing custom fire protection programs ensures adequate performance, business continuity, and compliance with standards. These programs are indispensable for a facility’s risk management.

For decades, AcuTech has offered guidance in conceptualizing, designing, and implementing fire protection programs. Its expertise stems from an in-depth understanding of process safety and risk management principles. A diverse range of global partners has benefited from AcuTech’s services in designing, surveying, and testing engineered fire control systems for chemical and petroleum plants.

Whether for government organizations or manufacturing companies, AcuTech can perform data analyses, fire and explosion investigations and damage assessments. Our consultants can identify and evaluate fire hazards and recommend measures to reduce fire risk through fuel load analyses, fire and explosion consequence modelling, and suppression and mitigation analyses. Our performance-based and up-to-code designs are built on expertise with firewater, foam, Halon, fire alarms, fire sprinklers, fire suppression and emergency lighting. Organizations gain access to recommendations to site design, improved performance, diminished risk all rooted in AcuTech’s deep knowledge of industrial standards, jurisdiction fire codes, process safety regulations and cross-industry best practices.  

  • Quantitative and qualitative fire hazard and risk assessments 
  • Fire and explosion consequence modeling 
  • Fire protection engineering for process areas, containment systems and buildings 
  • Facility siting studies 
  • Hazardous area classification studies 
  • Fire protection systems compliance assessment, specification, and design 
  • Emergency response planning 
  • Prescriptive and performance-based compliance evaluations 
  • Generation of standards and procedures, including inspection, testing, maintenance plans, operating procedures, pre-fire plans 
  • Development of fire re-plans and emergency response plans and procedures 
  • Training: fire detection and mitigation systems, fire re-plans and emergency response plans, hazardous material storage and life safety 
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