Facility Siting

Facility Siting

AcuTech consultants use international facility siting standards and industry best practices to safely site people and processes at existing facilities or in the design of new ones.

The siting of hazardous processes and personnel in a facility is a critical element of process risk management. Personnel who are sited outside of potential hazard zones don’t need to be protected, but space is limited, and process areas must be accessible to personnel. Facility siting studies provide confidence that appropriate steps have been taken to protect personnel and are required by process safety regulations around the globe. 

Siting studies under the API Recommended Practices 752, 753, and 756 evaluate process hazards and the potential impacts or risks to permanent onsite occupied buildings, temporary buildings (e.g. trailers), and tents. AcuTech is a member of the API Facility Siting Committee and a member of the API Facility Siting Task Force. Our consultants have assisted in the development of these standards, and are well-versed in their requirements and application. Additionally, AcuTech’s team has conducted hundreds of facility siting studies across the globe and across the process industries.

AcuTech’s tailored approach to facility siting combines our extensive expertise in process engineering, PSM program development, hazard analysis, and inherently safer design with industry leading consequence modeling and frequency analysis. We leverage this knowledge, gained through numerous PSM audits and hazard analyses, to offer a comprehensive approach to facility siting. Our focus is on evaluating hazards and risks comprehensively, encompassing process considerations, safeguards, and potential impacts. Furthermore, we help operators to identify effective risk reduction strategies including not only building modifications/relocation, but also process safeguards that prevent catastrophic accidents at the source. These measures include detection, isolation, vapor mitigation, safety systems, blowdown, and emergency response planning.  

AcuTech works with each organization to tailor services to meet their unique needs and safeguard their operations, personnel, and surrounding communities. Engage AcuTech’s proven expertise in process safety and risk management and unlock the full potential of your facility’s safety and security. 

  • Hazard identification studies (HAZID) 
  • Development of accidental release scenarios 
  • Development of recommendations for hazard mitigation
  • Quantitative frequency analysis
    • Event Tree
    • Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)
    • Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA)
    • Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) 
  • Consequence modeling (PHAST, CFD) for fire, explosion, and toxic vapor dispersion 
  • Cost-benefit analyses 
  • Presentation of results (impacts, risk, damage)
Changes to API’s Facility Siting Standards (API RPs 752, 753, & 756)

This webinar offers a summary of the updated standards, outlines the changes you need to know, and discusses solutions to meet the new guidance and requirements.

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