Preparedness & Response

Preparedness & Response

AcuTech collaborates with clients in nurturing a robust risk management, preparedness, and response culture, guided by our extensive experience in emergency management and response plan development.

In today’s complex and dynamic industrial landscape, the establishment of robust preparedness and emergency response plans plays a pivotal role in safeguarding lives, protecting property, ensuring regulatory compliance, and maintaining business continuity. By understanding potential emergencies, facilities can proactively implement measures to reduce the impact and severity of these events. A well-prepared plan not only equips personnel with the knowledge to respond quickly and effectively but also minimizes the risk of injury or loss of life. Fortify your organization’s resilience and enhance its preparedness against contingencies. Our comprehensive range of services addresses risk identification, thorough risk analysis, and the development of strategic approaches to mitigate and prepare for residual risks. 

AcuTech is committed to assisting companies with safety and security needs, environmental compliance, business continuity, resilience, and all critical facets of risk management. Upholding international and national standards as guiding principles for responsible companies, AcuTech offers a unique perspective grounded in decades of expertise in industrial process safety and security.  

AcuTech’s unparalleled background in emergency management includes supporting industry and government entities at various levels. We are well-versed in the latest emergency management and homeland security standards, including the Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP) and the National Incident Management System (NIMS). Recognizing the diverse needs of government stakeholders, we have successfully developed emergency response plans according to FERC guidance for LNG facilities. Additionally, we have conducted incident command system training and facilitated numerous tabletop and full-scale exercises for LNG export terminals. AcuTech’s unique background encompasses emergency response planning, evacuation planning, COOP planning, business continuity planning, crisis management, chemical process safety, design, operations, inherent safety, fire protection, risk management, and security.  

Our emphasis on management systems and the fostering of an organization’s culture as instrumental tools for controlling process risks sets us apart. AcuTech collaborates with organizations in nurturing a robust risk management culture, guided by our extensive experience in emergency management and response plan development. Partner with AcuTech for practical, cost-effective solutions to manage your operational risks through our extensive training and consulting services covering a spectrum of planning and response areas. 

  • Business Continuity Plan Development 
  • Continuity of Operations 
  • Crisis Management 
  • Emergency Response Planning 
  • NIMS/ICS Planning 
  • Management Systems Auditing 
  • Security Management Systems 
  • Combustible Dust Management System Support 
  • NFPA 652 Management System Audit Protocol 
  • Operational Management System (OMS) 
  • LNG & Maritime Emergency Response Planning 
  • Emergency Response Plan Development 
  • Emergency Management Systems 
  • Integrated Emergency Management Planning 
  • Emergency Response & Recover 
  • Testing and exercising preparedness and emergency response plans to comply with legal requirements
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