Inherently Safer Technology

Inherently Safer Technology

Inherently safer technology concepts should be integrated throughout the process lifecycle and revisited during project milestone discussions and in daily decision making.

Inherently Safer Technology (IST) is a pivotal concept in the design and operation of processes and facilities, emphasizing the minimization or elimination of hazards without solely relying on additional safety measures. By addressing risks at their source, IST significantly reduces the potential for accidents, proactively safeguarding human lives, the environment, and organizational assets.  

Over the decades, inherently safer technology has evolved significantly, offering advantages through simpler and more cost-effective alternatives in comparison to other risk management strategies. Our expertise lies in conducting IST reviews, advising organizations on minimizing, substituting, moderating, or simplifying processes to enhance their inherent safety. We work with companies on the integration of IST concepts throughout the process life cycle, project milestones, and daily decision-making processes. Contact AcuTech to inquire about our comprehensive IST services, including strategic planning, IST reviews, integration into existing safety assessments, technology option assessments, and specialized training programs tailored to your organization’s unique needs. 

  • Strategic Planning 
  • Inherently Safer Technology (IST) Reviews & Assessments 
  • Integration into existing security and safety assessment methods 
  • Detailed assessment of alternative technologies
  • Training: Overview of IST, IST Assessment Methodologies & Procedures 
Inherently safer design concepts are not just for the design phase.
ISD for Existing Facilities
CEP August 2023

These concepts can be applied to plants throughout their entire lifecycle.

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