Our seasoned consultants have collectively performed thousands of process safety & security audits, providing comprehensive support, from planning and onsite execution to reporting.

Process safety and security management program audits are a useful tool to improve performance when done by experienced and knowledgeable leaders. An experienced auditor, or audit team, will use a systematic and structured approach to evaluating and improving management systems. Through these audits, organizations can identify, assess, and mitigate risks. They ensure compliance with safety and security standards, and continually improve safety performance and security while reducing the likelihood of accidents and incidents in their facilities. 

All of AcuTech’s audits evaluate process safety, security, and crisis & emergency management programs from two perspectives: 

The management systems review of design and effectiveness:

  • Commitment, diligence, and comprehensiveness
  • Appropriateness to the level of hazards/vulnerabilities of the process
  • Employee involvement and knowledge
  • Methods employed compared to state-of-the-art practice in similar industries
  • Completeness and quality of documentation

The technical approaches employed including:

  • Methods employed compared to state-of-the-art practice in similar industries
  • Physical systems in place
  • Appropriateness to the level of hazards/vulnerabilities of the process
  • The completeness and quality of documentation
  • Implementation of the element
Process Safety Audits

AcuTech has been a leading force in Process Safety Management (PSM) consulting and training since 1994, partnering with organizations to enhance process safety programs through audits, gap analyses, and best practice benchmarking. Our seasoned consultants have collectively conducted thousands of PSM audits, providing comprehensive support from planning and onsite execution to reporting. Whether leading or participating in audit teams, AcuTech’s experts adhere to audit protocols developed using guidance from OSHA, the EPA, and other relevant regulatory bodies. AcuTech consultants understand the questions to ask and how to interpret findings to the benefit of our partners. 

When needed, AcuTech has the capability to add significant value to these protocols and develop and maintain “Continuous System Improvement” (CSI) criteria. For instance, a broader list of PSM audit criteria that can be used if an organization wishes to evaluate their PSM program on a deeper basis. This will allow recommendations beyond the basic compliance requirements. Additionally, AcuTech offers training in PSM audit planning, execution, and reporting as part of our comprehensive suite of PSM-related training services. 

AcuTech also offers auditing services aligned with international and national standards in key risk management areas, providing a foundational framework for responsible companies. Our comprehensive approach encompasses consulting, training, and support in formal management system development and implementation. It includes self-verification of compliance, and certification pursuits, ensuring alignment with these standards to enhance organizational resilience. 

Security Audits

AcuTech specializes in integrating security management systems to counter both external and internal threats across various domains. We conduct audits to evaluate the effectiveness and compliance of facility site security plans, assisting companies in sustaining robust security measures while addressing vulnerabilities identified through security risk assessments. From formal management system development to certification pursuits, we ensure alignment with international and national standards. Our comprehensive approach includes providing auditing services alongside consulting, training, and support.

Our seasoned consultants bring expertise in Operational Technology/Industrial Control Systems (OT/ICS) cybersecurity, with a focus on conducting thorough audits. In addition to strategic security planning and cost/benefit analyses, AcuTech tailors security measures to suit each client’s unique needs.  

Moreover, AcuTech’s security auditing services encompass a thorough understanding of the CFATS cycle, ensuring clients receive critical support in managing security vulnerabilities and compliance. Leveraging our expertise, we aid in drafting comprehensive site security plans in compliance with the stringent mandates of the Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA), enhancing port and waterway safety. 

Crisis & Emergency Management Audits

AcuTech offers specialized auditing services in crisis and emergency management systems, aiming to bolster organizational preparedness and response capabilities during unforeseen disasters or incidents. Our comprehensive approach includes conducting audits aligned with standards such as NFPA 1600 and ISO 22301. AcuTech ensures compliance and effectiveness in emergency management and business continuity programs. 

With expertise in various management systems, AcuTech provides comprehensive support in auditing, reviewing, and certifying crisis and emergency management systems. Our services encompass business continuity management system development, business impact analysis, BCM planning, trainings, and compliance verification, aligning organizations with internationally recognized standards. 

  • PSM/RMP audits
  • Process safety culture assessments
  • Targeted gap analysis of PSM program elements
  • Development of advanced audit protocols for continuous improvement
  • Occupational health and safety audits
  • Physical security audits
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and compliance of facility site security plans 
  • Security management system audits
  • CFATs and MTSA support
  • Cyber security audits
  • IT/OT audits
  • Crisis and emergency management program audits
  • Training 
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