Conference Presentations

Conference Presentations
Latest conference presentations available for download.
Webinar: 2024 Revisions to the EPA’s Risk Management Program (RMP) Rule - Safer Technology & Alternatives Analysis
May 1, 2024
By David Moore, Mike Hazzan, Mark Farley
Webinar: 2024 Revisions to the EPA's Risk Management Program (RMP) Rule
April 10, 2024
By Mike Hazzan, David Moore, Mark Farley
The Meaning of “Should”
March 27, 2024
By Mike Hazzan, Nick White, Jarrod White
Using Time-Varying QRA to Evaluate Hazards during a Turnaround or Temporary Operations
March 26, 2024
By Colin Armstrong, Richard MacNguyen, Andrés Ruiz-Tagle
Improving Process Safety Culture through Behavioral Based Process Safety
March 26, 2024
By David Heller, Heidi Fanning, Richard Santo, David Williams
Cooking up the Ideal Recipe for a PHA Facilitator
March 26, 2024
By Alison Ballon, Sam Aigen, Nicholas Francis, Amanda Lanson, Nick White
Analysis of Recent Process Safety Incidents in the Hydrogen Industry
December 13, 2023
By David Moore, President & CEO
Identifying Thermal and Reactive Hazards in Manufacturing
December 6, 2023
By Amy Theis, Group Leader, Reactive Hazards
Benefits of Planning for Black Swan Events for Process Safety
November 29, 2023
By Keng Yong Chan & David Moore
Operational Discipline For High Performance Process Safety
November 29, 2023
By David Moore, President & CEO
The Impacts of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning on Cybersecurity and Process Safety
October 25, 2023
By David Moore & Tom Cottle
Process Safety Management for the Hydrogen Industry
October 12, 2023
By David Moore, President & CEO
Dust Hazard Analysis: The Stepping Stone to Effective Combustible Powder Risk Control
September 15, 2023
By Nawayd Shaikh, Process Safety Consultant, Middle East Operations
One of These is Not Like the Other: Strategies to Manage Chemical Incompatibilities
May 8, 2023
By Amy Theis, Group Leader, Reactive Hazards
Latent Failure: What Lies Beneath
March 14, 2023
By Scott Sanderson, Nicholas White
Inherently Safer Design (ISD) Success Stories in Existing Plants
March 14, 2023
By Richard Santo, Martin Rose, Alyse Keller, David Moore
Comparison of Hydrogen and Hydrocarbon Fuels Hazards, and Practical Risk Management Strategies
March 13, 2023
By Colin Armstrong, Rich MacNguyen, Wesley Wise
Conducting Hybrid Security Risk Assessments to Address Physical Cybersecurity Exposures
October 19, 2022
By Alyse Keller
How Do We Prevent Losing Sight in Risk Assessments
September 27, 2022
By David Moore & Nawayd Shaikh
Port of Beirut Explosion: Analysis & Impacts
May 11, 2022
By David Moore, President & CEO
Integrating the PHA and FSS into a Site Risk Assessment Life Cycle
October 20, 2020
By Sam Aigen & Colin Armstrong
The Convergence of Process Safety and Security Strategies for Critical Infrastructure Protection of Emerging Threats
December 4, 2019
By David Moore, President & CEO
Keys to Effective Management of Risks
December 14, 2018
By David Moore, President & CEO
RMP Rule Request for Information 40 CFR 68
August 7, 2014
By AcuTech Group, Inc. & Arent Fox LLP
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