Revisions to EPA’s Risk Management Program (RMP) Rule to Take Effect

On February 27, 2024, EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan signed the Safer Communities by Chemical Accident Prevention rule 40 CFR Part 68, which finalizes revisions to the Risk Management Program (RMP). This update will further protect vulnerable communities from chemical accidents, especially those living near facilities in industry sectors with high accident rates. This may have a major impact on any of the nearly 12,000 sites covered under the rule. Certain sites with high accident rates or in clusters of concentrated industrial areas could face significant impact. The EPA officially published this new rule on March 11, 2024 and it takes effect on May 11, 2024.

To foster discussion, AcuTech and Farley & Partners LLP are planning a series of free webinars to provide additional insight and advice on the rule starting with an overview of key aspects and challenges, followed by future sessions on details of specific elements. Ahead of the webinar, AcuTech has prepared a white paper detailing the upcoming changes, available at a link below.

The webinars will offer valuable insights for facilities affected by the EPA RMP Rule. Topics covered will include:

  • Changes to the existing RMP rule and their impacts and challenges
  • Compliance strategies
  • Legal issues and strategies
  • Development & implementation of new technical approaches
  • Safer Technology and Alternatives Analysis (STAA)
  • Preparing for the changes and for an EPA inspection

2024 Revisions to the EPA’s Risk Management Program (RMP) Rule: Overview

Wednesday, April 10, 2024
1:00 – 2:00 PM EDT

White Paper

AcuTech is ready to support our clients that may be impacted by this new rule. As the lead author of CCPS’s Inherently Safer Chemical Processes, our consultants are uniquely positioned to support effective “safer technologies and alternatives” analyses. AcuTech consultants were also authors of Guidelines for Auditing Process Safety Management Systems. They have extensive experience conducting both PSM and RMP audits and use protocols developed to support continuous improvement beyond compliance. AcuTech stands ready to offer support whenever needed.

AcuTech is currently writing a white paper providing an overview of the changes and potential impacts. An executive summary for the forthcoming white paper is available.

Read the Executive Summary

Final Rule

The final rule is on the EPA’s Risk Management Program rule website:

Accidental Release Prevention Requirements: Risk Management Programs Under the Clean Air Act; Safer Communities by Chemical Accident Prevention.

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