Ian Sergo

Ian Sergo
Director, Business Development
Photograph of Ian Sergo

Ian Sergo is the Director of Business Development at AcuTech, a process risk management consulting firm based in Vienna, Virginia. He joined AcuTech in July 2023 and maintains responsibility for AcuTech’s sales, marketing, and business development activities. Mr. Sergo received his B.S. in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from Rice University in Houston, TX. He has enjoyed a career in process safety consulting and non-profit management to date. 

Mr. Sergo began his career working on relief system design and evaluation. He took part in several risk assessment studies which provided an introduction into the importance of effective risk management practices. Early on, he engaged in the sales, marketing, and strategy aspects of a process safety consultancy. The combination of technical and managerial work proved to be a strong draw, which has continued throughout his career. This parallels the goals of AcuTech in providing clients with the most effective technical and management solutions to process risk challenges. Mr. Sergo has given lectures on CCPS’s Risk Based Process Safety approach and co-authored technical papers related to relief device maintenance. 

During his time working in the non-profit space, Mr. Sergo took on leadership roles for industrial consortia. He served as the Executive Director of the Design Institute for Physical Property Research (DIPPR) and provided management oversight for the Center for Hydrogen Safety (CHS). Moreover, his responsibilities extended to leading AIChE’s sales, marketing, communications, and customer service departments. In addition, Mr. Sergo was very involved with AIChE’s training department, which heavily serves the process safety community. 

The combination of a technical background and significant management experience, provides Ian with a solid foundation to support AcuTech’s growth ambitions. He is excited to partner with a group of such dedicated and talented consultants to serve the industries that make the world a better place.