Alison Ballon

Alison Ballon
Group Leader Western Business Unit
Photograph of Alison Ballon

Alison Ballon is a Principal Engineer and the Group Leader of the Western Business Unit at AcuTech. She has 15 years of engineering and consulting experience in process safety, risk management, and organizational management for the oil and gas production, carbon sequestration, LNG, refining, petrochemical, chemical and pipeline industries. She is a trained and experienced process hazard analysis facilitator (HAZOP/LOPA) for a variety of facilities, operations and engineering phase projects. Furthermore, Mrs. Ballon has experience in developing, implementing, and managing PSM and RMP programs including conducting training for PHA Leadership, general PSM, and process safety metrics.

Mrs. Ballon is an experienced auditor and has led audits for chemical manufacturing facilities, refineries, oil and gas plants and surface operations. She has assisted in the investigation of several process incidents in the areas of food manufacturing, refining, petrochemical production, and oil & gas production. In addition, she has expertise in process safety event (PSE) metrics, including those outlined in API 754, along with experience developing and supporting company PSE program implementation. Mrs. Ballon is well versed in the areas of qualitative and quantitative risk assessments (QRA) and facility siting. This expertise includes event scenario development, consequence modeling, frequency analysis (event tree/fault tree), risk reporting, cost benefit analysis and presentation of risk results.