One of the cornerstones of operational excellence is a robust security management system. AcuTech can help you to develop that system by developing a security plan and a strategy to audit your system.

AcuTech can help your company develop a security plan to protect your assets. We work closely with you to understand the unique aspects of your operations. Our goal is to develop tailored solutions to manage your risks and mitigate vulnerabilities, resulting in a practical and sustainable plan based on your objectives, capabilities and needs. We can also re-evaluate and update your security plans and provide staff training.

Our risk management and security experts have the knowledge and expertise to provide rigorous auditing services of existing security management systems. Whether in response to an incident, the emergence of previously unidentified threats or challenges, or simply to improve on existing security management systems, AcuTech’s experts possess the industry knowledge and experience, as well as the operational experience conducting security operations to offer your company a comprehensive assessment of your security management system in theory and practice.

AcuTech has provided security management system support for a variety of players including several leading international oil companies, multinational petrochemical firms, government-owned facilities, hotels, cities, ports and others.

Our team is ready to respond to your unique challenges, offer practical recommendations for sustainable improvements, and work with you enhance the effectiveness of your existing management system to evolve with your business and circumstances.