AcuTech LNG Services

  • Assistance with developing Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Resource Report 11/13
  • Market Leader for Independent Risk Assessments (IRA) for LNG Deepwater Ports (DWP)
  • Expertise with Waterway Suitability Assessments (WSA)
  • Extensive Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) experience
  • Extensive Maritime Safety and Security Experience (Maritime Transportation Security Act, Security Vulnerability Assessments)
  • Extensive guidance and management systems experience

AcuTech Consulting Group is an industry leader in LNG risk management and related services. We have decades of project experience with a suite of services including developing guidance, in-depth Independent Risk Assessments (IRA) for Deepwater Ports (DWP) , Waterway Suitability Assessments (WSAs), extensive Quantitative Risk Assessments, Security Vulnerability Assessments, Emergency Response Planning, Guidance and Management System Development.

Our clients come from both industry and government agencies. Our consultants are experienced in helping clients understand their risks and providing practical, cost effective solutions for their operational risks. AcuTech has strong established relationships with the U.S. Coast Guard and a strong reputation among companies who have built and expanded their operations, especially along the Gulf Coast.

AcuTech was instrumental in creating the American Petroleum (API) Security Risk Assessment Standard 780 which we use for LNG security assessments and WSAs.  We also served as the LNG, Petroleum & Chemical industry sector coordinator for the Risk Analysis & Management for Critical Asset Protection project for the US Department of Homeland Security.