AcuTech has internationally recognized expertise in Process Safety and Risk Management, with specialization in the petroleum, chemical, and petrochemical industries.

Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) is a risk assessment technique that is a bridge between qualitative PHAs and quantitative risk assessments. Using an accident to consequence scenario, LOPA will provide an estimate of risk on an order of magnitude. Occasionally, we will utilize LOPA in conjunction with a PHA to determine the safety integrity level for a safety instrumented system. Our consultants have extensive experience leading PHAs including HAZID, HAZOPs, What-If, What-If/Checklist, LOPAs, SIS, SIL, combined HAZOP & LOPA, combined HAZOP and SIL, as well as FMEA and FTAs.

AcuTech offers in-depth knowledge of current and proposed process safety regulations, detailed experience in conducting hazard analyses, revalidations, risk assessments, safety analyses, process safety and risk management audits, and experience with operations involving highly hazardous materials.