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AcuTech QRA/Facility Siting Services

Under the OSHA PSM and EPA RMP there is a requirement to address facility siting. Facility siting is a three-part process that starts with building and hazard identification, moving to building evaluation and consequence analysis and ending on building risk assessment.

firm-fpoUnder OSHA PSM, facility siting is addressed during a PHA. Facility siting conducts an evaluation of the spatial relationships within a plant and between a plant and surrounding area. Traditionally the focus was the spacing between process equipment. Now, the emphasis is on the location of process hazards in respect to employees at the plant, as well as emergency response and plant security. If addressed during a PHA, potential issues must be addressed both globally (i.e. the location of the control room) and at a local level within each node. Calculations will address location vulnerability (overpressure, radiant heat and toxic gas). AcuTech utilizes API 752 and API 753 on permanent and portable buildings for facility siting.

A robust facility siting assessment will help your company to recognize and then minimize the potential hazards of the facility operations to the employees, equipment and the surrounding community.