AcuTech LNG Services

AcuTech is a industry leader in LNG risk management and related services with a strong established relationships with the U.S. Coast Guard and a strong reputation among companies who have built and expanded their operations, especially along the Gulf Coast. We have decades of project experience with a suite of services including developing guidance, in-depth Independent Risk Assessments (IRA) for Deepwater Ports (DWP) , Waterway Suitability Assessments (WSAs), extensive Quantitative Risk Assessments, Security Vulnerability Assessments, Emergency Response Planning, Guidance and Management System Development.

A representative list of previous projects is below:

Waterway Suitability Assessments

  • Venture Global Calcasieu Pass (Louisiana)
  • Magnolia LNG (Louisiana)
  • Southern LNG (Georgia)
  • Alaska LNG (Alaska)

Risk Assessments for LNG Terminals and Deepwater Ports

  • Port Ambrose (New York)
  • Clearwater Port (California)
  • Port Dolphin (Florida)
  • Calypso (Florida)
  • Neptune & Northeast Gateway (Massachusetts)

Emergency Response Plan for LNG Import Terminal

  • Fall River, MA
  • Point Fortin, Trinidad, West Indies

Security Risk Assessments

  • P66 (Texas)
  • Magnolia LNG (Louisiana)
  • Venture Global Calcasieu Pass (Louisiana)


Through the AcuTech Training Institute (ATI) we provide world-class subject matter expertise, with open enrollment courses, or instruction that is tailored to your institution’s specific needs. Please feel free to review our course catalog.


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