Cyber-security is an area of overall business operations that all too often receives inadequate attention and prioritization. Companies who use the cloud or even utilize companies that do so in thier supply chain – must ensure the resiliency of their information security and understand and safeguard against attacks and data loss or corruption. AcuTech offers a suite of cyber-security related services that examine operations as an integrated system, helping to safeguard your business critical information and industrial control systems from cyber-attacks and threats.

Strategic Consulting/Best Practices

AcuTech provides a holistic evaluation of industrial cyber security systems and related information technology systems, by identifying exposures and associated countermeasures to help our clients meet emerging cyber threats and ever-expanding regulatory requirements. Our consultants are skilled at providing cost – benefit analysis, highlighting security measures that will provide the best utility to optimize strategic security planning and prepare for emerging technologies. We know industry best practices and routinely help our clients to meet those benchmarks.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

As part of our business continuity service support, we help our clients identify the vital data and resources required to recover their operations after a cyber-event. AcuTech can provide a system-wide evaluation of information needs along the supply chain to help ensure our clients that the information they need is available and accessible, enhancing organizational resiliency across a wide variety of circumstances.

Vulnerability Assessments

AcuTech consultants provide our clients with comprehensive cyber-security risk assessments (C-SRA). We evaluate all systems including overarching cyber policies, practices, procedures, and platforms to find and correct potential areas of vulnerability. We know and help update the standards for cyber security including ISO 27001/27002, NIST 800 series, NERC CIP/FERC, and ISA/IEC-62443 (formerly ISA-99).

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