Reactive Chemical Hazards

Reactive Chemical Hazards

A complete picture of a facilities potential reactive chemical hazards requires looking beyond standard operation and reviewing the potential for accidental mixing or process chemicals.

Reactive hazards are a known risk throughout the processing industries. The potential for a runaway reaction during normal operations is typically well studied, with engineering controls in place to prevent adverse outcomes. The true challenge lies in prioritizing the identification of reactive hazards outside of normal operations, as this is a frequently observed shortcoming in incident investigations. Controls and safeguards cannot be identified if the hazard is not recognized, particularly if the hazard is not “covered” from a PSM or RMP regulatory standpoint.

When chemical reactions are not meticulously managed, they can yield detrimental, and in some cases, catastrophic outcomes posing threats to human lives, physical assets, and the environment. AcuTech stands as each company’s partner for comprehensive reviews to identify gaps related to reactive hazards for new or existing products as well as provide considerations for safe handling, storage and transportation of energetic or reactive materials. Connect with AcuTech to explore how our consultants can recommend customized risk reduction strategies to create safer and more efficient operations. 

  • Process Hazard Analysis (PHAs)
  • Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) audits and advisory 
  • New product or product scale-up reactive hazard safety reviews 
  • Reactive hazard management program development 
  • Thermal stability evaluations 
  • Incident Investigations  
  • Risk-based combustible dust hazard analyses (DHAs) 
  • Training 
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Process Safety Information for Reactivity Hazard Evaluation

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