Asset Integrity

Asset Integrity

Adhering to an effective asset integrity program is a proven strategy to improve overall facility performance while also ensuring compliance with standards.

An effective asset integrity management program supports improved performance & uptime, reduced lifetime maintenance costs, and diminished risk of operational equipment. For that reason, investing in effective asset integrity programs is a proven strategy to improve overall facility performance, while also ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements (e.g., OSHA PSM and EPA RMP). 

AcuTech provides asset integrity services, working with organizations to develop new, or enhance and modernize existing asset and mechanical integrity programs. Leveraging decades of experience in process safety and risk management in a diverse portfolio of industries, our consultants apply best practices and knowledge to support company needs.

Our comprehensive approach to program development includes setting a strategy and implementation plan for a new program, creating policies, procedures, and instructions to define the various needs of an asset integrity program, and implementing the program. The program will cover activities such as gap assessments of existing equipment, creating instrumentation inventories and cause and effect diagrams, pipe circuitization, damage mechanism reviews, and asset integrity program training. 

When needed, AcuTech will touch on all aspects of asset integrity planning but is also flexible to meet specific enterprise needs. All organizations that partner with AcuTech benefit from AcuTech’s deep knowledge of industrial standards, codes, process safety regulations, and cross-industry best practices. AcuTech’s seasoned consultants possess a wealth of experience in crafting AI/MI programs and procedures, complemented by comprehensive training for on-site personnel. Contact AcuTech for asset integrity services today to embark on a journey towards a safer, more reliable, and cost-efficient operational future. 

  • Development of Asset Integrity (AI)/Mechanical Integrity (MI) Programs
    • Strategy guidance and development, program policies, procedures, and instructions
  • Implementation of AI programs (e.g., instrumentation inventories and cause and effect diagrams, pipe circuitization, damage mechanism reviews) 
  • MI/AI program gap analysis and auditing 
  • Assistance with corrosion assessment planning 
  • RAGAGEP review and selection 
  • Industrial codes and standards interpretation assistance 
  • Asset integrity program training 
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