Read through AcuTech’s new White Paper on the EO 13650 Working Group Report

AcuTech – PSM-RMP-IST Impacts EO Working Group Report White Paper 6-9-14

In the recent years several catastrophic chemical facility incidents in the United States prompted
President Obama to issue Executive Order (EO) 13650 – Improving Chemical Facility Safety and
Security on August 1, 2013, to enhance the safety and security of the nation’s chemical facilities.

The EO directed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Labor (DOL),
the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Department of Justice, the Department of
Agriculture, and the Department of Transportation to identify ways to improve operational
coordination with State, local, tribal, and territorial partners; to enhance Federal agency
coordination and information sharing; to modernize policies, regulations, and standards to enhance
safety and security in chemical facilities; and to work with stakeholders to identify best practices
to reduce safety and security risks in the production and storage of potentially harmful chemicals.

The EO established a Chemical Facility Safety and Security Working Group to oversee this effort,
which is tri-chaired by the EPA, DOL, and DHS. In May 2014 the Working Group issued a report
to the President. This report summarizes the progress of this effort, focusing on actions to date,
findings and lessons learned, challenges, and priority next steps.