EPA issued a notice in the Federal register dated March 13, 2017 that delays the effective date of the revised RMP Rule (now called the “RMP Amendments”) until 19 Jun 17. There are provisions in the CAAA that allow the EPA Administrator to delay for up to 90 days any regulation written pursuant to the CAA if someone petitions the Administrator that relevant information that wasn’t considered during the rulemaking. An industry group, which EPA calls the “RMP Coalition” filed such a petition on 28 Feb 17 and the new Administrator, Scott Pruitt agreed that the RMP Amendments should be delayed. In the meantime EPA will issue a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) to solicit comments.

In parallel with the action by the EPA Administrator, the RMP Coalition filed a lawsuit with the DC Court of Appeals to block the RMP Amendments. That suit is pending. Also in parallel, bills have been introduced in both houses of Congress to invoke the Congressional Review Act to revoke the RMP Amendments.