AcuTech Software LLC is pleased to announce the availability of AcuTech Volume on the App Store. AcuTech Volume provides intuitive insight, quick estimations, and clear interactive visualizations of common liquid vessel shapes and dimensions. Volume and mass of different liquids in vertical containers, horizontal containers, upright tanks, and pipes can all be calculated on the fly.

In the Tanks screen the diameter and fluid fill height are each individually adjustable with quick action sliders as well as text entry. A selector allows the results to be displayed in gallons, barrels, cubic feet, pounds or liters. A specific gravity control can set the unit mass to a range of values. The pipes panel uses the pipe diameter and length for similar calculations. The vertical container is similar to the tank but has a 2:1 ellipsoidal base and can include multiple trays and additional feet of packing. The horizontal container has controls for the length, diameter, and liquid fill height plus a selection for end cap shape.  All panels include a sharing button to quickly share a screen shot of the current settings. A setting panel includes direct access to the specific gravity setting, a choice of SI or English units, and links to the background and theory of operation.

Please note that this tool is only to be used for rough estimation and is not to be relied upon for engineering calculations.

Download now at iTunes: Download App or watch the video of AcuTech Volume in action on our YouTube channel –

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