AcuTech Training Institute (ATI) offers high-quality practical training courses in process safety, chemical security and risk management.  For the past two decades, AcuTech has delivered quality training and expertise to leading companies across the chemical, petroleum and other industries.  Gain the skills and knowledge to improve your operations, avoid incidents, and stay ahead of compliance in a hands-on interactive learning atmosphere.

The AcuTech Training Institute offers open enrollment courses at US and international offices as well on site courses globally for any specific company training needs.  Our upcoming open enrollment classes for 2016 are listed below, along with links to obtain more information and register.

Global clients rely on AcuTech when they need quality on-site process safety and security training.

All courses in our catalog can be tailored to your company needs and presented onsite, minimizing staff time away from the site.   We work closely with each company to understand their specific training needs and goals so that we can tailor the course length and subject matter to exact company-specific requirements. We keep a small student to instructor ratio and include a wealth of interactive and supplemental material.

Some of the courses in the 2016 program include;

  • Achieving Process Safety Excellence
  • LOPA – Layer of Protection Analysis
  • Process Hazard Analysis for Team Leader
  • Process Safety Incident Investigation
  • Building a Strong Process Culture
  • Facility Security Office: USCG/MARAD-Certified Training Course
  • API Security Risk Assessment Standard 780
  • Auditing Facility Security for MTSA & CFATS Compliance

Learn more about AcuTech Training Institute, request a quote, register for of our  open-enrollment courses  at our training section.

If you would like to discuss an onsite program please contact us at: