Join AcuTech on March 26th to 30th at the 13th Global Congress on Process Safety, San Antonio, Texas. We are platinum sponsors at this event and Michael Hazzan from our team will be presenting his paper on “How Culture Effects the Implementation of Process Safety Program Elements” During this conference, we will be debuting our new enterprise cloud solution for process safety audits and assessments, Acuity! please drop by booth 231 for a demonstration.

Abstract of Michael’s Paper:

Culture underpins everything in a process safety program. Without a sound underlying culture even the most elegantly designed process safety management systems will not be successfully implemented. Every element of a process safety program has specific cultural aspects on its various procedures, activities, and decision making. Exploring each of the 20 RBPS elements is beyond the scope of this paper, so we will examine the cultural aspects of two important process safety elements:

– Conduct of Operations
– Management of Change

Conduct of Operations includes basic operational discipline issues such as following approved operating and other procedures, executing emergency shutdown, and stop work authority. But it also includes other related important issues such as fatigue, alarm management, and others. The process safety culture affects this element in many ways, including possible hesitance to initiate an emergency shutdown without supervisor concurrence, hesitance to confront co-workers and stop work when it is not being performed safely, or recommend not following an operation because of its potential to cause a process safety incident.

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