Meet the Team: Rich Santo

As part of the Meet the Team series, we are sitting down with AcuTech team members to learn more about their background, specialties, and how they are helping industry.


Today, we are talking to Richard A. Santo, Jr., CPSA, CCPSC, CFSE, Senior Principal Engineer, who is based out of Philadelphia, PA, US. 

I grew up outside of Philadelphia, PA, and attended Drexel University.   I graduated with a Chemical Engineering degree in 1986 and worked for Monsanto Company and its successors, in multiple engineering, product development and operations management roles.  In 2007, I transitioned into consulting and started at AcuTech.  I left AcuTech briefly in 2013 to become Plant Manager for a specialty chemical plant, and rejoined AcuTech in 2015.

My focus at AcuTech has been primarily process hazards analysis, process safety auditing, safety instrumented systems, and inherently safer design (ISD) reviews.  Having spent over 20 years in the specialty chemical industry, in multiple roles, I’m able to bring a “real world” approach to my consulting work.

Industry, for one reason or another, tends to forget “lessons learned” and  continues to experience preventable process safety incidents. Anything that I can do to help move the needle and help industry remember is time well spent. 

My advice to industry, based on personal experience, is that a good safety culture cannot be driven from the bottom up – you cannot effectively push a rope.  It must be driven from the top down, fostered and nurtured, constantly reinforced, and never short-changed.  It should be the first topic and the last topic discussed.  Upper management should not squander opportunities to reinforce safety wherever and whenever possible.

My favorite part of working at AcuTech is the opportunity to help our clients creatively solve problems.        

I enjoy fishing, playing music, playing golf, and working on home projects with my wife.