Meet the Team: Brianna Araujo

As part of the Meet the Team series, we are sitting down with AcuTech team members to learn more about their background, specialties, and how they are helping industry.


Today, we are talking to Brianna Araujo, Process Safety Engineer, who is based out of Houston, Texas, US

I grew up in Miami, Florida and received my BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Florida. After graduation, I worked as a process engineer and manager for Anheuser-Busch where I obtained most of my hands-on manufacturing experience. From my experience at Anheuser-Busch, I became more involved in process safety and sought out a position where I would be able to gain more of a technical background. I worked as a Process Safety Engineer for Provenance Consulting, in which I refined my technical knowledge in process safety, process safety management program development and integration and relief design. In my role there, I helped clients with several projects including, relief design revalidations, process safety management program development and implementation and process hazard analysis, among others.

As a new process safety engineer and project manager for AcuTech, I’m excited about delving further into the world of process safety and the many different facets. In my current role I will be leading efforts in FEL-1/2 development for clients as well as pressure relief device revalidations. 

Growing up, my dad always had a physical job that required PPE, which I came to know was the last line of defense against any type of incident. I knew I wanted to utilize my background in Chemical Engineering to facilitate change within industries that struggled with maintaining existing process safety codes and helping them exceed the required standards.  

The biggest piece of advice I could give, is to be adamant in the maintenance of a facility’s mechanical integrity and/or asset integrity!  

At AcuTech, I get to work and learn from people with such extensive backgrounds in a variety of process safety elements. Every individual is looking to learn from each other and help clients along the way!

I enjoy doing pilates, barre and high-intensity interval training bootcamps! I’ve always been someone who likes to keep moving, which is also another reason why I think I became so interested with the fast-paced environment of operations.

Additionally, my husband and I enjoy traveling and golfing mainly throughout the islands and enjoying the sun, beach and views that there are.