Meet the Team: Alison Ballon

As part of the Meet the Team series, we are sitting down with AcuTech team members to learn more about their background, specialties, and how they are helping industry.


Today, we are talking to Alison Ballon, Principal Engineer, who is based out of San Diego, CA, USA

I grew up outside of Washington, DC for most of my life and elected to go to University of South Carolina for a change in scenery. I graduated with a Chemical Engineering degree in 2008 and moved to Texas to work at a consulting firm, BakerRisk.  My focus was on facility siting and quantitative risk assessment (QRA) with small projects in incident investigation, hazardous area classification and insurance audits.  After 7 years, I joined Occidental Petroleum (Oxy) as a process safety and risk engineer with a brief stint as a production engineer.  In 2022, I started at AcuTech; re-joining the consulting world and another move to San Diego, CA! 

My role focuses on all things process safety both on the qualitative and quantitative side.  Projects for me may include a process hazard analysis (PHA), a process safety management (PSM) audit, or developing process safety related procedures or training modules to assist our clients in having first in class process safety operations.  Having spent 7 years as an operator, I am eager to bring that expertise and understanding to help our clients with a wide range of projects!

For me it is about seeing each employee go home at the end of the day and knowing our work can help ensure that in both small and large ways.  Whether you are highlighting to an operator a new hazard not previously identified in a PHA or proposing recommendation to address high risk, there is always value in providing process safety related services. 

My advice would be that no matter how much we push process safety, that cannot exist without a great team and culture that understands and supports it.  So often we push rules, regulations and standards on operations but do not first take the time to ensure folks understand the why or how it benefits them.  Relay the new regulation to ensuring everyone goes home safely!

My favorite part of AcuTech is the unknown of everyday, it provides a great variety to a work week.  You can go into the day thinking you are going to help a client with one part of their project and then when you get into further discussion, you and the client realize you need to address something else first that adds more value 

My husband and I going for a drive in my 1971 MG Midget convertible with our dog in the back.  Hair flapping in the wind with a dog smiling next to you is an experience that will bring a smile every time!

Alison Ballon can be reached via email at: