Course 100-177

Supply Chain Security

Course Length:
2 Days
1.6 CEUs / 16 PDHs
$1,750 USD
Course Description:

AcuTech has developed a seven (7) module remote learning solution for conducting and managing security supply chain assessments. The supply-chain tool (SCT) uses a series of four (4) inter-related excel-based files (worksheets) which together provide the framework for assessing supply-chain security risk. The SCT provides a means of conducting supply-chain risk assessments for a wide variety of assets and operations and subsequent analysis to provide management insights that address comprehensive supply-chain security concerns. The training addresses assumptions, details, and analysis results needed for comprehensive security supply-chain risk analyses that can be assembled, assessed and documented by Team Leaders with the training needed to conduct the assessments.

  1. Module 1 – Assessing Supply Chain Security Risk & Practical Exercise
  2. Module 2 – Threat Assessment & Practical Exercise
  3. Module 3 – Best Practice Security Requirements & Practical Exercise
  4. Module 4 – Cyber Security & Practical Exercise
  5. Module 5 – Formal Security Risk Assessment
  6. Module 6 – Governance
  7. Module 7 – Response, Emergency/Crisis Management, and Business Continuity
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