Course 200-012

Building a Strong Process Safety Culture

Course Length:
2 Days
1.6 CEUs / 16 PDHs
$1,750 USD
Course Description:

Culture underpins everything in a PSM program.  The process safety culture sets the tone for everything else that happens in the program. Without a sound culture, the process safety management systems cannot be  successfully implemented  no  matter  how  well they are written. A sound process safety culture begins with a commitment by senior company and site management to understand and improve their process safety culture, what contributes to it, and the positive and negatives signs that it exhibits in practice. Senior management has the ultimate responsibility for the culture at any industrial facility and this responsibility cannot be delegated. Management sets the proper philosophical tone for the process safety culture.

The training provides instruction in the core principles of process safety culture, how they affect each element of a PSM/RBPS program, the effects of leadership on the culture, culture and ethics, culture and compensation, how to assess  process  safety culture, and how to improve it.

Course Benefits:
  • Master the core principles of process safety culture and how they affect each element of a PSM/RBPS program.
  • Understand the importance of leadership and how it affects the process safety culture.
  • Learn how the core principles are applied to improve PSM and business performance.
  • Learn how to assess the process safety culture in your facility.
  • Understand how High Reliability Organizations find cultural excellence
  • Understand how to sustain and nurture the culture and how culture affects Operational Excellence programs.
  • Understand how to measure performance with audits by AcuTech’s PSM Index™


Recommended Prerequisites: Familiarization with and experience with PSM and RMP programs and their requirements & 100-011: Best Practices in Process Safety and Risk Management
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