Build your team’s knowledge and skills. A custom onsite class allows our trainers to tailor the course to better engage your employees and to meet company-specific requirements.

For the past two decades, AcuTech has delivered quality training and expertise to leading companies across the chemical and petroleum industry. We work, globally.

We listen to you. Because each company has different training needs and goals, we can tailor the length of the course and material covered, adhering to company-specific requirements. We keep a small student to instructor ratio and include a wealth of interactive and supplemental material. Should you have a specific course you would like taught at your facility or have questions concerning our approach, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team at or at our Contact page.

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Case Studies

Decades of Project Experience

Through the years, we have had many interesting and challenging projects. We have selected a few that we think illustrate a typical service, particular challenge or highlight an unusual client.