In May 2014, the Working Group of six federal agencies established by Executive Order 13650 to examine and improve the safety and security of the U.S. chemicals industry issued a progress report to the President. This report addressed the following topics: strengthening community planning and preparedness; enhancing Federal operational coordination; improving data management; modernizing policies and regulations; and incorporating stakeholder feedback and developing best practices.

The AcuTech webinar focused on three particular issues within the topic of “Modernizing Policies and Regulations” – modernizing OSHA’s PSM Standard to improve safety and enforcement; modernizing EPA’s RMP Regulation and promoting safer Technology and Alternatives.

On June 26 Michael J. Hazzan, P.E., CPSA and Mark S. Dreux, Esq. of AcuTech Consulting Group and Arent Fox, respectively, conducted a 60 minute webinar to explain the Working Group’s conclusions with respect to modernizing policies and regulations and their possible impact on the chemical/processing and allied industries.

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