Middle East & North Africa Office

Middle East & North Africa Office

Recently, AcuTech inaugurated its Middle East & North Africa office, marking a significant step in its global expansion strategy and its endeavor to bolster its presence in pivotal markets. This expansion underscores AcuTech’s commitment to serving its clients’ evolving needs and solidifying its position as a trusted partner in the region’s industrial landscape.

AcuTech has a robust track record in the region, delivering successful projects in process safety, risk management, and security for prominent energy and petrochemical companies. Our clientele spans Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and beyond. Notable examples include a baseline PHA (HAZOP and LOPA) for a Low Density Polyethylene Production Plant and revalidation HAZOP for a utilities plant in a petrochemical complex. Additionally, AcuTech has conducted security risk assessments for several national energy companies.

Process Safety in the Middle East & North Africa

Oil-rich nations in the Middle East have prioritized enhancing process safety and risk management, especially within their oil and gas sectors. They’ve implemented stringent regulations, invested in advanced technologies, and fostered safety cultures in industrial facilities. Despite progress, challenges persist, including the need for better safety regulation enforcement, addressing cultural factors affecting safety practices, and ensuring adequate training for industrial personnel. Geopolitical tensions and security concerns also influence industrial security measures, prompting robust security protocols.

While advancements have been made, ongoing efforts are essential to overcome challenges and ensure safety and security in the region’s industrial operations, which are expanding beyond traditional oil and gas sectors into sustainable ventures. This recent trend towards sustainability has resulted in the advent of new applications previously unseen in the region.

Middle East & North Africa

Office No. 1415
Al Fardan Office Tower, 14th Floor
61 Al Funduq St., West Bay
Doha, Qatar, P.O Box 31316

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