About AcuTech Consulting

About AcuTech Consulting
A global leader in process risk management services
Serving clients globally, AcuTech is ready to help you understand and manage process safety and security risk.

Operating since 1994, AcuTech is a global leader in providing best-in-class consulting, training, and software solutions to manage process risk. With deep expertise in both the management and technical aspects of managing risk, AcuTech is uniquely positioned to support clients ranging from the world’s largest companies to specialized private companies. AcuTech also partners with trade organizations and government agencies seeking to improve safety, security, and operational performance. AcuTech supports the international market with a presence in the US, India, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East. AcuTech plans to expand our global network of consultants to provide support and consistency in delivery across client sites.

Our Mission

To provide best-in-class consulting, training, and software products to manage risks to continually improve safety, security, and environmental performance and drive operational excellence for the industries we serve.  

Our Vision

To be the global leader and trusted advisor to all companies in the management of operational risk. 

Our Services

AcuTech offers three core categories of services: process safety management, corporate security, and emergency management, primarily focusing on industries dealing with highly hazardous chemicals. This encompasses various market sectors, including chemical, petrochemical, petroleum, transportation, and other chemical manufacturers. Services also extend to pharmaceutical, manufacturing, government, and others including specialized and emerging industries, focusing on global decarbonization, such as LNG, hydrogen, and anhydrous ammonia.

AcuTech complements its extensive experience across the chemical process industries with a deep understanding of the tools and methods available for managing risk. This allows our consultants to be responsive and flexible, meeting client needs ranging from regulatory compliance to leadership in all of our services. Accordingly, AcuTech consultants possess strong project management skills, and emphasize high-quality, on-time project work.

Our Story

AcuTech was founded in 1994 and maintained a leading boutique practice. Our impact on the market was significant as a thought leader, and we served many leading companies in the global marketplace. Starting in 2018, AcuTech launched offices in India, China, and Dubai to establish a presence, initiate a global expansion, and increase market share in key locations.

In 2022 AcuTech supported growth efforts by adding strategic resources to bolster our technical capabilities and corporate service functions aligned to AcuTech’s vision for the future.

These include additions to our domestic and international teams. They encompass specific service areas such as Mechanical Integrity, Reactive Chemistry, Dust Hazard Analysis, Fire Protection, Hydrogen Safety, Functional Safety, and Cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems. Furthermore, in addition to our service areas, corporate functions like finance, human resources, business development, and marketing, help support and grow our multi-talented and extremely capable team.

By the numbers: We seek new opportunities and new challenges. Our results are impressive because we are client-focused and forward thinking.
Years of Experience
Supporting clients and projects around the world with personalized service focused on value addition
Working with Industry Leaders
Our clients rank among the top on the Fortune 500 list
Projects successfully completed
Retention of clients has been a focus and underscores the effectiveness of our work
Countries in which we've done projects
AcuTech consultants work globally, gaining crucial cross-cultural experience for project success
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We recognize that our reputation as a leader in process safety management comes from our tireless, talented and committed consultants and our ability to recruit and retain new individuals.

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