7th Global Summit on Process Safety AcuTech Presentations

AcuTech Presentations from the 7th Global Summit on Process Safety

AcuTech Consulting Group would like to thank you for participating in the 7th CCPS Global Summit on Process Safety.

As a strong supporter of CCPS and its vision, we actively participate in their global activities. As a thank you for engaging us in meaningful discussions during our time at the summit, we would like to share the slides for our presentations on managing black swan events and on how to implement operational discipline for improved process safety management.

At AcuTech, we believe that solving complex problems takes experience and knowledge of process operations coupled with process safety risk and security guidance and standards. With deep expertise in both the management and technical aspects of risk management, AcuTech is uniquely positioned to support clients ranging from the world’s largest companies to specialized private companies. We also partner with trade organizations and government agencies, helping them improve safety, security, environmental, and operational performance. With experience running projects in 150+ countries and consultants located around the world, AcuTech can offer global support and consistency in delivery across client sites.

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